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Making a friend cut.....

I'm going through my friends list and making a cut. I'll leave this up for a while and if you would still like to be on my friends list, let me know and I'll keep you. (Other than the people I know are generally too busy to be online all the time and will remain anyway.)

So....please comment to stay added.

EDIT: Anyone know how to make this open (public post)? I have it set to default friends only and I want this one to stay up top for a few days before making my cut. I tried to make it public when I created it in Semagic, but it still went friends only.
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I looooove yooooou toooooo! You have great style, girlfriend. <3
I want to stay on! Please?

You were one of the ones that I was going to leave on regardless of whether or not you commented. lol I know how you feel and you probably don't always get to check your friends' journals.
Sure. :)
Keep me please...
Sho thing. :)
i would really miss you if i got cut. i love all your pictures!
Then I'll have to keep you. :D
I would like to stay... ^_^ I don't want to miss your wedding pics!
I'll keep you. I like seeing your jewelry. :)
i want to stay :)
O'course...As long as you don't mind a rambling NUF. ;) I love your icon. He is soooo creepy in those movies. LOL
I want to stay

And how do you do that--make ALL of your entries friends only?
I'll keep ya, hon.

Someone told me a long time ago how to do it in the console. I think you can look at the FAQ and find it. only makes the posts from then on friends only. You have to go back and edit each past post and make it friends only. Luckily I didn't have many before I went friends only.

If you need me to search for you, let me know. I won't be up for too much longer tonight, though. :)


11 years ago


11 years ago

keep me!!
Sho thang, sweetie.
mememe :D
O' course!
i know i dont comment very often but i do read when i can! id like to stay!
I don't comment often myself, so it's all good. :)
*nods* i would like to stay please.
I hope I'm still on :)
Well, DUH! lol How've you been?


11 years ago

I'd like to stay:)
Sure. :)
me :)
You're too pretty not to keep. ;) lol
Keep me! :)
That icon is sooo funny. :) And yes, I'll keep you.
i wannnnnna stay o.o
My name twin! You HAVE to stay. :P


11 years ago

I'd also love to stay because you're wonderful. :0)
Very true, my dear.

And you're wonderful too. I really mean that, boo. *HUG*
I want to stay. :)
Sure thing. I'm going to give it a few more days and then I'll make the cut. I'll still leave this up for a while, though.
oy. keep me, if you feel like it :)
Sure, hon.
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