By Vallarta

Friend Cut

Okay, y'all....I've done the first part of my friend cut. If I missed someone or you didn't see my other post about my friend cut and wish to stay on my friend list, please comment here and let me know.
By Vallarta

Making a friend cut.....

I'm going through my friends list and making a cut. I'll leave this up for a while and if you would still like to be on my friends list, let me know and I'll keep you. (Other than the people I know are generally too busy to be online all the time and will remain anyway.)

So....please comment to stay added.

EDIT: Anyone know how to make this open (public post)? I have it set to default friends only and I want this one to stay up top for a few days before making my cut. I tried to make it public when I created it in Semagic, but it still went friends only.
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